It started when I packed for my honeymoon. My mother told me I could not take my own sheets. So I didn’t. Big mistake!
From then on, I always packed everything I would need to be comfortable.

When I had kids, though, the ballgame changed. Forget comfort. I needed to be prepared for accidents.

If you customarily use antipyretics or antibacterial ointment, then usually a drug store is just around the corner and open 24-7 to meet those needs. But for the homeopathic family, remedies are often unavailable.

What’s a homeopathic mama to do?

I pack the house! Well…almost. 🙂

I always include my basic top 100 and top 50 kits. I also include any remedies that my family may get a lot of use from on a regular basis. Then, I make a list of ailments that may befall us at the particular destination. For example, going to the beach, we may get stung by a jelly fish (urtica urens). Or up in the mountains of Peru, somebody may experience altitude sickness (cocoa). I make that list and research what the best remedies are to have on hand, and into the bag they go! I take a lot of remedies.

My husband, though, is not going to lug all those remedies around when he travels for business. The best I can do is put together a top ten pack – and that’s hard to narrow down!

I throw my index card of instructions and all those remedies into an old film bag to protect the remedies through x-ray (although the remedies are very hardy and would likely withstand x-ray), and he’s off.

So far, he hasn’t had need of any remedies. But I feel much more at peace knowing he’s protected and prepared in the event something comes up.

To get more great tips about preparing for travel with homeopathy, listen to Joette Calabrese or check out Dr. Colin Lessel’s The World Traveller’s Manual of Homeopathy

PS – Here are links for the Jet Lag Combo, Motion Sickness Combo, and Eye Drop Combo. Enjoy!

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