• So nice having yesterday off! But, back at it today.
  • The receptionist said that the cookies I gave her were wonderful; I’m glad. I hope she got to read the tracts I gave about Christmas, too.
  • Prayed for one man in the waiting area today – he was all alone. He didn’t seem to feel ill, so I’m glad for that.
  • Also prayed for a lady and her mother coming in as I left. I was struck by how incredibly beautiful this elderly lady was – her features were so distinct. I actually wondered if she used to be a performer or Hollywood starlet. Anyway, I think it was their first time there by the stuff they were carrying and the questions they asked. So, praying for her.
  • Jason is so nice and I’ve come to really like our 60 second walk-and-talks. He had a good Christmas and I’m really glad for him and his family.
  • Had scattered prayers and thoughts on the table today – lots of people to pray for.
  • Had to go talk with oncologist after treatment today, but Dr. T is out this week, so I met with Dr. Ramsey. He was so interesting. He said three really cool things: 1) It’s all up to God, 2) Dr. Timmerman is the absolute best radiation oncologist in the entire country, and 3) HE KNEW ABOUT THE TAC.
  • So, the last statement bears explanation: He works mostly with the gynecological cancer patients, so he knows all about it. He said that he was really glad I had a TAC because “the tvcs [vaginal cerclages] fail”. THANK YOU. Why the heck does an oncologist know this, but OBs who are delivering dead or severely premature babies won’t get on board??
  • Also of note today was that the nurse was reviewing my medications and allergies and they STILL don’t have it correct! I give them a 5 page detailed medical history at the beginning of every new thing. The doctors love it. But every single week, they have medications I’ve never heard of listed as me taking, they don’t have medications I am taking. They have major allergies (like, hello, I go into kidney failure if I have that drug!) listed as a “hypersensitivity” instead of an allergy.
  • This is incredibly frustrating. I am my own health advocate; I call the shots and I make sure the correct information is known. WHY AM I STILL FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS HERE More importantly, what about the patients who don’t know how to navigate the modern medical culture Like my poor grandfather who is lying in the hospital right now with a broken femur head not being given pain medication for an entire night despite doctors’ orders for him to get it?
  • Please, please, please know that you do NOT have to be a doctor or a brilliant person in order to be your own health advocate! It is YOUR body, YOUR health, YOUR life – YOU get to decide what type of treatment and information you have! You do not just have to be a pinball shot through the medical machine to land wherever. And, you are a PERSON of VALUE and deserve acknowledgment, compassion, and dignity from medical staff! This is my experience 99% of the time, but I don’t see it with everybody. And, I don’t know if it’s because of my initial approach or what. So, take no chances – make it your initial approach! This could cost your life – I can think of 3 immediate family members who passed away because they fell through the medical cracks – no other reason. Please take charge of your own health.
  • And…my house is filthy. There is stuff EVERYWHERE. It is so disgusting, I am going to have to clean it in layers – not rooms, LAYERS.
  • I am also getting sad about going back to work. BLEH….I love being home!

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