Day 5

  • They were behind today, so I had to wait over an hour. Guess what, though! I got to share the gospel with an older man in the waiting area! I don’t know that he was receptive, but he wanted to keep talking about it, so there we go! Praying God will convict his heart with Truth and Love. I was pretty scared to actually even broach the conversation, but I just watched a new Way of the Master this week and Ray’s idea of asking, “Do you have a Christian background” really was a good starter!?
  • Told my RTs that I shared the gospel with that man (Mr. Whiteside). I think they think I’m super weird for doing that. I think it’s funny they think it’s weird.
  • Saw radiology oncologist today and he got really excited again about how elegant my treatment plan is. I really like him (Dr. Timmerman).

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