• People who work with other people (especially dealing with ill people) ought to have compassion. Not just good manners – but actual compassion.
  • Just because I look sickly does not mean I have no value; it means I’m sick. (also taught me that not all Texans are friendly – well, she’s probably not from Texas)
  • Dr. Timmerman was wearing a western shirt and cowboy boots. Very funny. He didn’t praise God when I told him of my recent Thanksgiving gift – weird. I thought he was a Christian. Maybe not.
  • My radiation therapists are Jason and Barb. Barb has beautiful eyebrows – like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. Jason’s wife used to be a teacher before she got to stay home with kids last year. Lucky lady.
  • Stella – head Cyberknife guru – wants me to pray for her to have a husband. And, she is a believer – talked about Satan trying to steal our day! Amen, Sister!
  • Didn’t encounter any patients to encourage today, but I’m on the lookout!
  • Radiation was a short 20 minutes – didn’t even get halfway done with my intended prayers for that time before it was over.
  • Killer head/skull ache because my mask was squishing me so much and bolted down so tight.

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