Day 2

  • Show up early to wait in the complimentary valet line.
  • Be prepared to sit around sick – very sick – people. They look sick, sound sick, and act sick.
  • I asked others in the room if they minded if I turned the tv down – they agreed to turn it off! Great! It was on some disgusting daytime talk show about cheating spouses. Helloooo – we all have enough bluck in our lives! We don’t want to sit in that room waiting for cancer treatments and listen to that garbage!
  • Think of a conversation starter – today, mine was, “Are you waiting for somebody or are you here for treatment?”
  • I met a man who has leukemia, but he’s in remission. He was there with his son, Justin, who has a severe form of leukemia, had a transplant, and is experiencing host-graft disease (attacking the transplanted stuff). He was there to get his blood washed by a bright light. Wow! Anyway, it was wonderful and encouraging to talk to him and I told him I’d be praying for Justin and his family. He asked what I was there for and I told him I had a minor thing that needed treatment, but that I really felt like God had me coming here just for this purpose: to talk to people, encourage them, and find out how to pray. He was a neat man.
  • Jason, one of my radiation therapists, asked me how I was today. I told him fine, but more importantly, how was HE today He thought that was funny. He has a 19 month old son and an 8 week old daughter. He and his wife got debt free so that they could afford for her to stay home with the kids. But, they aren’t planning on home schooling and she will go back to work when the kids are in school.
  • I didn’t encounter any meanies today! Yay!
  • My head didn’t feel as squirshilated. But, I did feel a little dizzy for awhile – I think that’s from being in that weird position.

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