You are reading this because you are in a crisis situation. ?You’ve never before heard of cervical issues in pregnancy or the wait-and-see approach is now a crisis situation.


Maybe you aren’t sure you have cervical issues, but you are 16-23 weeks and suddenly contracting, or your water broke (pprom), or they’re saying your cervix is effaced and you’re dilated, etc. ?You’re at the hospital and they’re trying – or not – to stop contractions and will be sending you home. ?And the statistics are not in your favor for the pregnancy continuing at this point. ?I am not saying that to be scary; I want to emphasize the urgency of your situation.


I am NOT A DOCTOR! ?These are things I have seen help save babies over the years since I joined the IC and infant loss community. ?I am only sharing my personal insights and experiences as an IC patient and loss mama. ?Consult with a *knowledgeable* medical professional on all of these ideas.


These are ?the actions I would take if I were in a cervical crisis situation: (Product links are?not sponsored and I usually buy things locally. ?Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, and local health food shops carry everything I’m linking. ?I’m only including links?so you can see the products.)


  • Firstly, be at a Level III or higher hospital. ?Period. ?This can be the difference in life and death for your baby, so if you are not at a Level III or higher, ask for a transfer. ?If they deny the transfer (which is likely), consider leaving the hospital and going to an ER at a different hospital with a Level III or higher NICU. ?Doing so is a bit of working the system, but you don’t have time for red tape and insurance haggles – your baby’s life is at stake.


  • Exams: speculum ONLY if needed. ?NO FINGERS!


  • Sonograms: transvaginal sonogram is what gives accurate information on the cervix. ?Additionally, there is a huge quality and accuracy difference in sono machines at a hospital and regular doctor’s office versus the sono machines at a specialist’s office. ?The latter two couldn’t even detect that my waters had gone! ?Only the sonogram at the perinatologist’s office showed that my sac had completely ruptured with Isaac.


  • Emergency cerclage – yes, get it! ?Your cervix is not working. ?It is going to open/close willy nilly. ?A vaginal cerclage is not my favorite, but at this point it is your only option. ?And there ARE risks of having it placed this late such as rupture of your amniotic sac. ?But if you continue in the crisis situation you’re in, that will happen regardless. ?If your waters have already gone, this is not a good option. ?If you do get the cerclage, you STILL need strict t-berg bedrest. ?Do NOT go to Target and shop even if you are riding in a scooter. ?More on this below.


  • Get in a trendelenberg position and stay there. ?This is not the same as bed rest just because. ?This is you trying to alleviate any and all pressure from the cervix. ?Just lying in bed is not what I mean. ?I mean get your butt above your head in a slant. ?Use a bed pan. ?Do not get up. ?Get special hose or cuffs for your legs or whatever to avoid DVTs, but do not get up. ?Your baby could fall out of you.


  • After bedpan usage, I’d clean/have somebody clean me with a Norwex body cloth and I would spray colloidal silver externally. ?Every time whether it is urine or stool. ?I would actually consider a catheter as well. (The norwex body cloth must be purchased through a consultant – I linked the lady I buy from, but buy from whomever you want! ?Ecloths are available on amazon, but they don’t have the same ratio of fabrics to grab as many germs nor do they have silver in them. H20 at Home has a similar product, but I’m not completely familiar with it and I don’t know anybody who sells it to provide a link.)


  • If your water has already broken (pprom), the you demand antibiotics. ?Because now there IS infection present in your uterus. ?I would not wait and rely on white blood cell counts. ?Demand the antibiotics. ?And while taking antibiotics, also take Florastar – saccharomyces boulardii, a yeast based probioic – to fight from another angle. ?If my waters had gone and I was on antibiotics, I would personally be taking a quadruple dose of Florastar. ?And, it doesn’t need to be the Florastar brand – just the?saccharomyces boulardii is fine. ?That’s what you want.


  • Lots of vitamin C – however you can get it. ?This is another infection fighter. ?I’d personally take 5000mg daily. If not more. ?I personally use Pure Radiance C?on a daily basis for health (capsules also available), but I’d think ANY vitamin C would work – even just the cheapy vit C tablets at Walmart. ?Get what you can and get a lot of it.


  • I’d be drinking loads of homemade bone broth or gelatin. ?Bernard Jenson?(capsules also available) and the red can of Great Lakes will gel up like jello, but the green can of Great Lakes will dissolve into whatever you put it in. ?I think I’d be drinking upwards of 1/4-1/2 cup daily of the powder dissolved in something – not all at once, but throughout the day. ?Vital Proteins is another quality brand, but I do not have experience with it.


  • Steroids at 20/21 weeks. ?Elsewhere you may see 23 weeks, but lots of places are saying 23 weeks is now viability. ?So get 2 doses of steroids in that baby.


  • Stool softener or whatever it takes for you to not strain during a bowel movement. ?I like Natural Calm added to water or juice or a smoothie, but you need to start slowly like 1/4 tsp daily. ?This is magnesium – too much will make things runny.


  • I’d also make sure I was taking a very strong dosage of daily Vitamin D3 drops – helps fuel the immune system. ?I take 10,000 units daily as instructed by my doctor, but 5,000 units is a daily recommended dose for most people. ?Check with your doctor on dosing since you are trying to fight infection.




  • Look at?The pPROM Regime, though my thoughts on that page include that Glutathione ?(also available as a cream)would be a much more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin E (it’s the mother shop of all antioxidants), and you are likely already taking a quality prenatal that includes dha, so don’t overdose, and you are likely already taking a quality fish oil, so again, don’t overdose.


  • I don’t know why on earth this would come up, but pregnant and in crisis is NOT the time to get any vaccine. ?So, if somebody suggests that, NO!


Pray for your baby and know that you are in an uphill battle, but you are not without hope or recourse!

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