Day 3

  • was very tired starting off today – I stayed in bed as long as I could and didn’t get to start my day off with Bible time. Yuck.
  • Since I drove by myself today, the drive was very quick – about 20 minutes there and 20 back. Awesome!
  • Lots of people in the waiting room today – all much older than me. I felt sorry for myself for about 3 minutes until I decided that was ridiculous.
  • There was a man in there about 40 and he was in a wheelchair with an eye patch – looks like he is/was fairly athletic. I prayed a lot for him and for his heart to find his strength, confidence, and identity in God – for God to maintain that man’s masculinity and his position as head of his household despite his physical impairments.
  • I sat and read the first part of Philippians. I recently learned about the ‘ladder of abstraction’ and I feel pretty good about making a connection with Paul here. He says that everybody in the prison knows that he is in chains for Christ. It is my prayer that everybody who sees me going through this present suffering of lost babies and a brain tumor would know that it is for the sake of God shining through me. Please, Lord, let this be so! Please burst out of me and let others know and see!
  • Was so incredibly tired that I fell asleep during the radiation and I also had to sit in the lobby for awhile before I could drive home. We’ll see how long this lasts…
  • oh, and Jason the radiation therapist told me that he’s a night owl and laughed when I said how that doesn’t really work for being a grown up, though, does it.
  • I went grocery shopping after radiation and thought I was going to pass out in the store. My brain was like mud – seriously, I now understand ‘brain fog’. after coming home and lying down a few hours, I feel better. Still letting Nam do the chores, though…
  • Stella (my cyberknife guru at the hospital) wants me to go in a few hours earlier tomorrow. I could barely wake up at 11 today – don’t know how tomorrow will go.

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