• Stayed up super late last night sewing Mama’s birthday present! It’s so great! BUT, that meant I was LATE to radiation! Yikes! I had to call Jason and tell him I was running 15 minutes behind. How embarrassing! Even worse because I know he knows it’s because I stayed up late!
  • They have USA Today in the waiting room and Nam reads it everyday. And he sits there and shakes his head and laughs at it. I don’t know if it is an entirely liberal paper because I haven’t read the whole thing, but the articles he shows me have some really dumb things in them. Could just be those particular stories are dumb. Anyway, this took up our waiting room time today.
  • Admitted to Jason why I was late – so embarrassing! Oh, well. He said maybe I should start getting back on a schedule now so it won’t be a jolt for going back to work. That’s a good idea, but I never do that…it’ll be a couple days of misery at school.
  • While I was on the table today, I was thinking how could I possibly thank Jason for his kindness during my treatment. I thought maybe a gift card for him and his wife – I know what it’s like to be in the family with a medical provider and it can be rough! Emotions come home, emergencies arise, long work days, etc. Plus, his wife is home with kids all day (which I know is a dream), so I’m sure she gets flustered in her heart when he has to stay later than planned. Anyway…thought maybe something adult would be good for them. So, I prayed about it on the table and asked God to show me if He wants us to do something like that for them.
  • Guess what!! quick answer! I asked Jason if they have plans for his vacation next week and he said it’s his wife’s birthday and they are going to a fancy restaurant they have a gift card to, but the gift card doesn’t cover the whole thing so they are going to lunch (cheaper) and will have to pay the rest. Then, since both grandmothers are here, they may go out to a movie (not Muppets – they need grown-up stuff. He said they are full of The Wiggles and Yo Gaba Gaba all day). He’s a pretty funny guy. Anyway…took that as a confirmation from God that the idea is as good one! So, a little gift card just for some dessert will do the trick. I hope his wife likes it and knows how much of an impact her hubby makes in his patients’ stress levels.
  • Valet guy didn’t talk to me today, though he talked to Nam before I got out there. Nam can’t remember what they discussed…he said maybe the weather. What a guy.
  • I also realised that I’m going to be sad when my treatment is over! WOW! What a God thing! Who could take having to go to radiation every day for a brain tumor and turn it into something joyful Only the Lord! I’m not going to miss dealing with Burt, of course…but I’m going to miss my little drive out there – it’s nice. I’ll miss my valet buddies, the receptionist, seeing the other patients and praying for them and encouraging them. I’ll miss my walk-and-talks with the RTs. And, really, being on the table has become a pretty darn good prayer and relaxation time. Plus, this has been such a neat time to spend with my husband the past couple of weeks. So, again, WOW, way to go, Lord!

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