• Well, my head valet guy is on vacation! I didn’t even get to say bye to him! Darn! But, the other kid is heading it up and he’s awesome. Nam is going to hook him up withe one of his buddies who owns valet companies and get him additional work. I love my husband!
  • Waiting room was quiet today, but there was an older couple in there with really weird socks. This man in his 70s was wearing striped fluorescent colored socks that look like they should be on a tweenager! They were both very engaged in their newspaper.
  • An older man came in with a cane and his daughter. He seemed very tired and was complaining of all the xrays they’ve done on him. I prayed for him to have physical healing and a peace in his heart. Also prayed for his daughter to not be frustrated or have anxiety over watching her dad be upset. Caretakers are so often overlooked!
  • I got to see Barb today! Yay! I didn’t think I’d see her again. She thanked me for the book and said she’d read some of it! Cool!!!! Glad she got to go home to Nebraska for Christmas. I hope she had a good time. I wonder if she notices a culture difference. I don’t know how long she’s been in Texas, though…
  • Nam came out and thanked Jason and Barb for their care for me and making me at east and comfortable. Told them how much he really appreciated it. I love him. He’s such a standup guy with a heart like the Lord’s! He always sings that song “Give me your eyes, so I can see” and I always think how he’s already got them!
  • On the table today, I had to pee so bad! I almost had to wave my hand around for them to stop the machine, but then I heard it whoosh really fast, which means that I’m almost done. But I couldn’t wait to gather my stuff either; I had to bolt it to the bathroom. It was tortuous!
  • Sad that it was my last day with Jason AND Barb! Man! I know it’s so dorky, but I called them after and told them to FB me so we could stay in touch. That probably violates some ethical something or other, but they are so great and I am awesome, so it’d be nice to stay in touch!
  • I’d really like to go into the medical field one day (yes, I know I say this all the time for the past five million years). Found out from my cousin this week that UTA has an online nursing school. I could totally do that. But, do I want nursing Of course I’d love to be a doctor and I’m plenty smart enough, but I don’t really want to go to school that long right now. Respiratory therapist They don’t deal with the south end, so that’s nice. Nam said if I go back and need to take my sciences over again (of course I would) that he’d audit and do it with me. How fun! I’d totally kick his butt! Anyway, always thinking…

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