Day 8

  • Wore make-up today! Whoa! I felt pretty.
  • LOTS of peeps in the waiting room today. Patch man was back in his wheelchair. He’s older than I thought last time – maybe mid-fifties. Still prayed for him. He was talking to somebody about politics and I REALLY wanted to join in, but I knew I’d probably get in trouble. I think he’s liberal. And, no, none of my prayers were for him to see political truth. hahaha
  • The man sitting next to me had really awful gas and I felt so bad for him. But I didn’t ever get up and move because I didn’t want him to feel worse. It was pretty excruciating.
  • I had to remind the girl was it time for Everybody Loves Raymond so that she’d change the channel off the filthy talk show – other people in the room thanked me. That was nice.
  • Stella told me that she didn’t care where she was in the world, but that if she needed radiation, she’d track down Dr. Timmerman to create her treatment plan. That’s neat. I told her how much I like him and appreciate that he’s not arrogant. She laughed and said that he raises chickens and nobody who raises chickens can be arrogant. Funny. I think she’s right. She also asked if I’d seen Dr. T’s favorite belt buckle. She said it’s a huge gold thing with his first initial on it and every time he wears it he juts out his waste and says, “Look at my awesome belt buckle!” That’s funny. He’s a really reserved guy.
  • Had a lovely evening snuggled on the bed. We started to watch Pumpkin Chunkin and pups and I all fall asleep laying on Nam. We are so lucky.
  • My leg started hurting on the table today – pain started in the middle of my thigh and shooting down to my knee. Feels like somebody kicked me in the knee. Guess i have to tell Dr. T about this tomorrow.

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