• This week has dripped by – I simply could not lift a finger to type.
  • I gave the valet guys their cookies with a bunch of tracts in there…since then the head guy has quite telling me classic rock lyrics that go against the Bible. So at least there’s that. Maybe conviction of the heart has stilled his mouth I love how Ray Comfort explains that in Way of the Master. Or, maybe he’s just being polite. Or he ran out of lyrics.
  • Nam has been driving me to and from this week, and I’ve loved that. The only problem is that I end up being more involved in talking with him or resting on his shoulder than I do about looking for opportunities to encourage people. But, I’ve been so tired that it’s probably a good thing he’s been there. Gotta refocus for next week to finish strong!
  • Guess what…found the perfect book for Barb! I Am Second published a book! Yay! And I got Jason a little board book that tells the story of Christmas. I couldn’t believe that out of all the billiion children’s Christmas books, they only had 3 that were about Christ. And at that, the point of one was to say why we give gifts and the point of another was to say that babies are special, but didn’t spell out who Jesus was. Sigh.
  • House is filthy. F-I-L-T-H-Y. Poor Nam. He’s tried so hard, but…well…I just keep making more messes. Then I’m too tired to clean up!
  • My comas are getting longer and I’m more tired when I wake up.
  • Thinking about going anywhere to do anything is exhausting.

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