Day 10

  • Today the waiting room was FULL FULL. I could only pray for people because nobody spoke English! I tried talking to one couple whose daughter has radiation right before me, but they definitely didn’t speak English and they were uncomfortable about it. I felt bad for trying.
  • Barb the radiation therapist asked me what I was reading, so I got to tell her about Angie Smith and her book I Will Carry You about carrying her soon-to-die baby. Then, I got to tell her about the book I was reading called What Women Fear – the things that we all fear and how Scripture addresses those. I first asked her if she had heard of Selah, a Christian band – and she thought she had! Wow, is she Christian I’m going to have to think of a new conversation starter with her. The hard part is that we only have about 60 seconds of conversation from the waiting room to the table.
  • I went to the bathroom today AFTER my radiation treatment and noticed that my face has the little diamonds from my mask ALL OVER IT! GREAT! I’ve been hanging out with the valet guys and other patients and I’ve had this the whole time! Man! So, new side-effect: reptile face. I wonder if they call me the reptile-face lady.
  • Got my Artificial Tears today – Nam has to put the drops in because helloooo…I can’t see from that eye!
  • Fell into a coma and it was not a “nice nap” – it was an absolutely necessity. I wonder if this is from radiation or something else.
  • 2 out of 5 weeks done!

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