• Fell into a coma tonight; very tired
  • Today I talked with Beverly whose fiance was hit by a truck while he was on the side of the road. We got to talk about all of God’s blessings along the way of his rehab.
  • Jason told me that he showed Barb the Josh Hamilton testimony on I Am Second. Cool! Still praying about how to get a conversation about Christ going with Barb. She did share with me today that she used to think Chelsea Handler was great, but now she is disgusted by her. So at least that shows some sort of heart movement?
  • PK Valet guy shared more classic rock Jesus lyrics with me….today he told me it helped him more than reading the Bible. He’s an interesting fella…
  • Went and picked up my Christmas tracts today. I’m excited to pass them out and include them with the cookies and stuff I give people.
  • 3 weeks down, 2 to go! Woo Hoo!
  • Oh, and at the recommendation of my aunt, I’ve started telling Burt what to do. I’ve thanked him for the opportunities he’s afforded me, but told him that his purpose is over and I’ve told him how to respond to the radiation and to exit my body (which the doctors say won’t happen, but I would like it to!). I know it sounds weird, but I’ve liked doing it because it helps me visualize healing and offer it up to the Lord in very specific requests. Of course I don’t think I can personally cause the change, but I know that my God can if He finds it best to do so.

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