Initially, the idea of a TAC may be scary. For whatever reason (lack of training, inexperience, hyper-caution?), most OBs and MFMs will deter patients from considering it. I feel they are doing a huge disservice to the IC population.




This is from Dr. James Sumner’s FB page:




1. They are not familiar with the procedure. Most obstetricians, and even most MFM’s, have never seen or scrubbed (during their training) on a TAC surgery. If they have seen one, it might have involved excessive blood loss (particularly if the principal surgeon had only a modest experience). Thus, even contemplating the procedure may make them uncomfortable.


2. Vaginal cerclage is so simple. The risk of complications with TVC is very low. Based on their experience, substituting a risky procedure for the TVC doesn’t make sense, even if it appears to have a higher success rate.


How to combat their resistance to TAC DATA! EXPERIENCE! That is why I spent the time and effort to publish the papers in the medical journals.


You must be your own healthcare advocate! Please explore every site, every link, every story you can find to think through planning for your pregnancy.


After you’ve done this, you’ll find that TAC is not as scary as your frowning MFM or OB made it out to be. Actually, many TAC sisters have reported that their doctors later told them what a good decision they made and how the patient was ahead of the doctor.




I hope you find the menu links to be an invaluable resource for you. The cost of women learning all of this was high; let the reward be higher.


TAC Research


Links to TAC Websites


TAC Consultation Questions


TAC Doctor Contact Info


Deciding on TAC


Insurance Info for TAC


TAC Surgery Advice


My TAC Twin Pregnancy


*I’d also like to indicate that when you start asking your doctor about the cervix, IC, vaginal cerclages, and especially TAC, he is going to freak. Generally speaking, doctors are NOT open to diagnosing IC – particularly after “just” one loss. Doctors simply are uneducated about IC and sure are not comfortable with a TAC. Some doctors even bristle and are combative towards you expressing interest in cervical issues.


So, as you prepare your questions and get excited about the future – which you should be! – realise that your doctor is probably not on board with this line of thinking and don’t let him burst your bubble! Your husband is hesitant also because of the doctor’s hesitancy. (don’t worry, though, he will get on board)


In the meantime, come onto Abbyloopers and the Facebook groups for support!

2 thoughts on “Exploring TAC”

  • jaroslava says :

    Hi, thanks for the blog. It is a great support for me with the same diagnosis – IC and after “just one loss”. It was like yours after IVF… I have my TAC in a week. I will be the 2nd one in the Czech Republic with this type of cerclage and the knowledge disturbs me a bit. But generally I feel relieved that there is some help and hope.
    Abbyloopers group is not for free, am I right? I?d love to join but only for free.

    1. beyondthisdesert says :

      Hi! I’m so glad you are having a TAC! I am incredibly sorry you have need for it, but you are making a good choice!
      Yes, Abbyloopers is FREE to join! Just submit your email address into!

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