Join me in studying homeopathy utilizing Joette Calabrese’s Gateway to Homeopathy

You’ll learn

  • The basics of classical homeopathy
  • First aid homeopathic remedies
  • A new approach: practical homeopathy
  • How to assess and choose a remedy for acute conditions
  • How to tackle chronic issues in your family with homeopathy
  • BONUS: We will have the opportunity at two live meetings with Joette herself!


I am not a certified homeopath, a lay homeopath, or an expert in homeopathy.


Even better…


I am a mom with moxie who judiciously uses homeopathy to uproot issues in my family – people and animals alike.  I am learning homeopathy one malady at a time and would love to do it with you!


If you’d like to learn more, consider joining me for an eight-week study group!

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