• Tonight I am tired. It just hit me when I sat down. Like a mac truck. Maybe it’s just the weather. Dr. Timmerman swears that there’s nothing about the radiation that makes people tired; he thinks it is just the disruption in schedule. Whatever it is, I’m tired!
  • Firstly, I discovered today that if I wear one of those thing little strip headbands then my hair goes from gross & dirty looking to cute & sporty girl looking. Awesome! I’m not washing my hair tomorrow either!
  • Did a scan of the waiting room when i checked in then went to the bathroom. Prayed in the bathroom for God to show me who to encourage and what to say.
  • There were 3 groups in the waiting room today: a lady with no hair (chemo patient) and her husband, a man by himself enthralled with the Wendy Williams show, and an elderly couple.
  • I sat next to the elderly couple and started to open my book. But, instead I just closed my eyes and prayed for everybody. I really wanted to talk to the elderly couple, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. Well…God took care of that one!
  • Wife said something to husband about coffee, he mumbled back, and they just sat there. So, as weird as this was, I turned to them and asked did they want coffee I’d be more than happy to get them a cup. She said no and that was it. I thought, well, crap, now what! So, I stuck my hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Kathryn.” She smiled and shook my hand and told me she was Shirley. I could tell this was their first time there because they were both so anxious, so I asked if it was her first time and she said yes and told me she’s there for a scan, but she’ll be starting daily radiation treatment with “Dr. Robert Timmerman” at the first of the year. She has cancer somewhere in the throat/neck region – she just waved, but didn’t name the location. I got to share with her how kind and compassionate the medical staff all are and that God had a special hold on her for bringing her to this place. We talked about what radiation is like, and the mask, and the machine, and the side effects. When Jason came to get me, Mrs. Shirley was so much more relaxed! Praise God! Isn’t He so good!!!! Way to go, Burt! (though after this, Burt, you may leave and will be of no more help thank you!)
  • Jason and I talked about Mrs. Shirley (he doesn’t know her, so no HIPPA problems here, folks) on the way back. Barb came out to greet me and we all got settled in!
  • I took in a Maroon 5 CD today and told Barb that I was going to listen to my old boyfriend. She thought that was funny and Jason had a weird look on his face. I told Jason it’s not weird, that he was probably Barb’s old boyfriend, too. She laughed and said Justin Timberlake is her forever sweetheart. Jason thought we were really weird and I told him it’s not weird and his wife probably had a boyfriend before she married him, too.
  • During radiation today, I prayed a lot for Mrs. Shirley and for Burt to shrink and go away and for my eye sight to come back. And, of course, always praying for special pprom and TAC ladies and their rainbows.
  • Another thought I had (been having this a lot lately) is how most people I encounter are pretty wonderful (of course there are always exceptions, but for me they are far and few between). I mean, like go out of their way wonderful and kind and compassionate. Why is this Am I simply that blessed and that’s all I happen to run into Is it that I live in Texas Is it because people reciprocate how they’re treated Anyway, I realize how much I like going out and about because I like these random loving interactions with strangers.
  • And then, STOP THE PRESSES, Jason initiated a conversation today!!!!! He usually just responds to my zany ideas. But, today, he said, “do you know who Tim Tebow is?” I knew he wanted to talk about his Christianity because why the heck would he bring up football with a girl So, I told him yes and how much we love him. Then we talked about how awesome it is that he is firm and public with his faith despite the flack he gets. Barb came in then and asked what we were talking about – so I got to tell her about Tim Tebow. Then I said how i don’t care about football at all, but it’s the same as how i don’t care about baseball at all either but I love Josh Hamilton for the same reason. Jason then asked if I had seen his Iamsecond video, which I have, and I got to tell Barb about the website! I am really curious to know if Jason initiated the whole thing so that I would talk to Barb about Christ! Anyway, pray with me for sharing the gospel with Christ!
  • I ALSO thought, man, now I could get her a Justin Timberlake magnet or something for Christmas! hahaha That’s silly, I know. But, maybe I can start a conversation with her about any books that she may or may not have read like Case for Christ or Mere Christianity – or just kindof gauge what her interest would be and I can find a book for her on it. Come on, God, I need ya to give me opportunity here and show me what to get her! Otherwise, it’s cookies and tracts! (which is still great)
  • Stopped in the bathroom on the way out and took a picture of my reptilian skin. I’ll post it later.
  • Valet guy wanted to talk to me about God today, too. He was wearing a ring with either Hebrew writing (like from James Avery) or Elf language writing (like from Lord of the Rings). I don’t know which. But, after talking about my book, he wanted to tell me every song lyric he ever knew that was about God/Jesus. They weren’t all flattering towards the Lord and some were downright blasphemous. I don’t know why he was sharing those. Then he went on to tell me that his dad was a methodist preacher and isn’t it odd for me to meet a preacher’s kid Not really….not sure why he asked that. Oh, well. He was excited that my treatment is halfway over. Praying I get more opportunities with him – again, it’s only about 2 minutes of time I get.
  • Another valet guy finally asked me what was always on my face – did I go in there and fall asleep. Great…that just means that they noticed my face all the time! They probably do call me Reptile Lady! I should’ve made up a good story about morphing from an X-men back to myself or something. haha
  • One more day to go and then I’m 60% complete!

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