Once upon a time, I had a beautiful garden on our back patio. The cherry on top was this lovely fountain.

Sweet Autumn Clematis climbed the trellis on either side. A faint stream of water trickled from the very hands of God.

Lounging on the patio was sublime.

But then an even better thing happened and children came to be in our home. And as it goes, kiddos need water. Lots of it. But, really, nobody can afford the amount of water kids seem to need from the water hose.

So we turned our Hands of God fountain into a most awesome outdoor water spot for under $30.

Here’s how:
Plastic flower pot
Small pond pump
Tubing (I have a field stone holding down the pump and tubing at the bottom of the pot.)
Exterior extension cord
Rubber chair leg foot thingy (to act as stopper)
Piece of wood or hanging apparatus
Piece of acrylic cut to fit inside the pot top a few inches down with two straight sides to allow for cord, tube, and easy lift
ing. (This is a safety feature so that kiddos don’t fall headfirst into a large pot of?water and drown. Please read about my friend’s experience here and take this very seriously!)

The beauty is the rubber stopper won’t provide a perfect seal. So all day long, this water is leaking out ever so slightly. It’s just enough for a day of play. And then it’s gone so no mosquitoes.

Also the acrylic is in snugly enough that kiddos can’t pull it out. So no falling in and drowning scared.

Have a go at it and be the most popular mom on the block!



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