What should you do if you have had pprom and/or suspect IC?


1. Read everything in Cervical Insufficiency, Types of Cerclages, and Exploring TAC.


2. Join Abbyloopers on the? Abbyloopers Interactive Board? site! There are loads of educational papers, doctor Q&As, sonogram teaching pictures, diagrams, etc. This is a live board where you can interact with other women advocating for and exploring TAC.


3. Join the cited FB groups


4. Read Lara’s blog and Abbyloopers.org page (This Abbyloopers page is NOT a substitute for the Abbyloopers Interactive Board sited above.)


5. Email Dr. Haney (ahaney@babies.bsd.uchicago.edu), Dr. Sumners (james_sumners@yahoo.com), and/or Dr. Davis (askdrdavis@aol.com) a brief pregnancy and delivery history and ask them what they think caused your loss or difficulty. They are accustomed to receiving emails from all over the world! Do not allow location or insurance funding to stop you from educating yourself and contacting these doctors!


6. Educate yourself utilizing all the documents on Abbyloopers


7. Meet with several doctors and ask other pprom ladies and TVC ladies an TAC ladies lots and lots of questions


As for me, I defied my Texas doctors and flew to Chicago for Dr. Haney to place my TAC. There are many, many, many success stories of TAC Sisters getting their rainbow babies. Actually, more than 95% of them do! (And, Dr. Haney’s success rate is even higher than that!)
As of October 2012, I am 20 weeks pregnant with twin girls. My cervix is long and closed and my TAC is holding strong. I’ve had no issues and not modified any behavior at all.

*Update 2013 My beautiful TAC miracle daughters were born healthy and amazing at 34 weeks! No issues at all during entire pregnancy and my TAC held strong. I only delivered at 34 weeks due to non-tocolyzed pre-term labor from a grocery-stealing twin!

*Update 2017 TAC Miracle singleton delivered at a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks 4 days. Absolutely no problems!

3 thoughts on “What should you do if you experienced pPROM or suspect IC?”

  • Stephanie Appel says :

    Ok, just seeing your update now – SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are secretly hoping to conceive twins again – what a blessing!! And I’m sad you aren’t local to me in Chicago. 🙂

    1. beyondthisdesert says :

      Thank you – lots of miscarriages, losing our twins to IC, and a brain tumor made our picture seem bleak. But, that was NOT the end of the story – and this won’t be the end of your story either! You’re pulled over for grief – and you should be – but you’ll be on the road again in time.
      And, there are lots of gals in Chicago that I can hook you up with!

  • Stephanie Appel says :

    Thank you so much! I just ‘met’ a lovely Chicago gal named Leah (through Abbyloopers) and I am in love with Lara’s blog – your blog has such great resources, I have poured over every page! You gave me hope, so I bit the bullet and emailed in to Dr. Haney. He wrote back and we have a consultation scheduled for Dec 11th! I’m nervous and excited and praying that our story changes going forward…. I am so thrilled for you to have nothing but good news from here on out!!! I will be checking your blog to see how your girls are doing. 🙂

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