Hello, Week 3!Day 11

  • Woke up with a headache. Very upset about the denial of Christ. The worst part is that it reminds me of all the years I denied Christ. I hate that I ever did that. I hate that there are flashes of sin where I do that now. I cannot wait for the glorious day when this sin is stripped from me!
  • Was determined to let God work today because it’s been such an interesting spiritual weekend – worshipped the heck out of God, prayed and prayed for some friends going through spiritual warfare (guess that put me in the spiritual crossfire!), had “the great FB debate of 2011” on my page where my stance for Christ being it got me stoned and made me cry and cry and my head hurt. So..surely, Satan was attacking for a reason. I was determined to not let it keep me from sharing love and praying for my waiting room buddies today.
  • Alas, I was only in the room 30 seconds! Only long enough to talk with a lady about how happy her orange sweater was and what a cheer it was to such a dull unhappy place. I don’t even know who else was in the room!
  • Did get to share with my RT Stella about my weekend and she is so neat – a strong believer and knows how to encourage! She was definitely a blessing to me today!
  • Prayed long and hard on the table today for lots of peeps – and, wahala! had AWESOME life-changing news from one of them tonight! My heart is just bursting for her!
  • Found out that Dr. Timmerman’s nickname is “bob the builder” because in addition to raising chickens, he also has a huge workshop where he does wood working. Cool!
  • when I was leaving radiation, I did see a man from last week and he said hey! and was happy to see me, so that was super nice. I hope I run into him again. He is fairly young and has to carry around an oxygen tank on wheels and he’s a very tiny man – almost like he quit growing as a young teenager. He looks very fragile and coughs something awful. He also has a very soft voice. To be honest, he kindof reminds me of Michael Jackson, but I don’t want to give him that nickname. Maybe MJ?
  • Again, the valet guys are awesome. Today, the guy asked me if I was okay from coughing and was I sick and what could I do and how could he help me do it, etc. He is just lovely! I cannot wait to give them cookies!
  • And..now i am sick. I tried calling oncology, but they were unavailable. I can’t see my regular doctor til next week. So…off to Doc-n-a-Box. I got the Viet doctor – I love him. He always does a thorough exam, asks lots of questions, asks personal questions (he’s a believer and he’s trying to feel out if he can share – cool!), and he gave me drugs! Yes!
  • Sadly, he also told me I cannot take the drugs until I clear it with my Dr. T, Bob the Builder. Rats.
  • I asked him if going under the blanket with the Viet herbs would help and he thought it was neat I knew that and said it would absolutely help.
  • So, here it is way past bedtime, and Nam is getting the pot ready for me to inhale under the tent. I love/hate that tent!
  • And, i see Dr. T tomorrow so I get to ask about my eye pain.

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