I feel the need to add this page after years of watching various treatment options succeed and fail.

So, you’ve been diagnosed with IC – or, at least, your doctor is willing to concede it’s a possibility. As stated on the Cervical Insufficiency page, there are a few options. Here is my opinion on these options:


A) The ‘Wait-and-See’ Approach


B) Preventive TVC (Transvaginal Cerclage, either McDonald or Shrodikar)


C) TVCIC (Transvaginal Cervicoisthmic Cerclage)


D) TAC (Transabdominal Cerclage)



*I’d also like to indicate that when you start asking your doctor about the cervix, IC, vaginal cerclages, and especially TAC, he is going to freak. Generally speaking, doctors are NOT open to diagnosing IC – particularly after “just” one loss. Doctors simply are uneducated about IC and sure are not comfortable with a TAC. Some doctors even bristle and are combative towards you expressing interest in cervical issues.


So, as you prepare your questions and get excited about the future – which you should be! – realise that your doctor is probably not on board with this line of thinking and don’t let him burst your bubble! Your husband is hesitant also because of the doctor’s hesitancy. (don’t worry, though, he will get on board)


In the meantime, come onto Abbyloopers and the Facebook groups for support!

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