• OFFICIALLY half-way done! I have more days behind me than ahead of me! Woo Hoo!
  • Driving was actually pretty scary today because I was in a group of big trucks and the rainwater kept spraying up so I could hardly see. Geez, I already have a blinding brain tumor; I didn’t need rainwater also!
  • The valet guys said, “Hi! Look who it is!” They are SO friendly!
  • Rode down in the elevator with a dad and son (both adults). They seemed gloomy, so I prayed and hoped I’d get an opportunity to talk with them, but I didn’t.
  • I asked the lady if it’s time for Raymond yet and she said she waits until right at 1 because before that is Family Guy and it’s not a good show either. She’s so kind and sensitive to not wanting us to sit there 13watching awful stuff!
  • Another lady was in there – she reminded me of a young Nancy Reagan – petite and polished. So, We’ll call her Nancy. Anyway, Nancy was drinking the contrast, but she was stressfully looking over files – looks like she brought her entire desk with her. I prayed for her and started to open my book, but I thought no, I came here to talk and she looks like she needs to talk. So, I made conversation with her, but she did NOT want to talk. I got the sense that she is having a really hard time right now with whatever her medical situation is. So, I prayed a lot for her and wished her luck when I left the room.
  • And…ANSWERED PRAYER! I’ve been praying about how to talk with the radiation therapists about the Lord because I only have a 60 second walk with them. Today, Jason asked how I was doing and I said good and asked him if he’d ever read or heard of the book I was reading (The Reason for God by Tim Keller). He hadn’t and I said it was a great book. Then I asked if his family was Christian. I twisted the Ray Comfort question of “do you have a Christian background”, but I think I maintained the same unintimidating/non-threatening aspect. Anyway, he said yes, but then was sad and hesitated to share, that, well, his mom and his sister he didn’t think they were believers, but he and his wife go to church. Cool! So, then i told him all about the book. He said he doesn’t get to read much because of his kids – oh yeah, I forgot he had a brand new baby. So…then I started thinking maybe for Christmas instead of just cookies, I could find a book for him about Christ coming at Christmas that has beautiful pictures that he could spend time reading to his kids. But then, I”d have to think of an equally personal gift for Barb and Stella, and I can’t think of one. So, i’ll pray and see what God says. Might still just be cookies and a tract…
  • Prayed a lot during radiation today for all my friends who have heartache and health concerns. Prayed a lot for my family today, too.
  • After treatment, I talked to Jason some more about radiation – what it is, how to harness it/create it, and how to manipulate it. We talked about nuclear medicine, but I’m sure not very in-depth. We both just knew the “idea” of what it is. I’m fascinated that we know all of this stuff. I’m even more fascinated at a God who created all of these intricacies! Wow!
  • BTW, my radiation is electrically manifested as opposed to like Gamma Ray radiation that is an actual cobalt source that is giving off radiation. Scary! The whole discussion started because I asked how long my actual treatment is and he said it’s not measured in time, rather it’s 2 grays. I’m sure that’s now how you spell a gray.
  • The valet guys were wonderful giving me car again – they always have the heater or ac on and hold the door and close me in and tell me to be careful that “it’s wet out” or “lots of traffic” or whatever. They are awesome.
  • I’m excited about tomorrow because…I’m going to some trivia game with my dad where they are having Biblical trivia. He asked my mom to go, but she has discipleship. So…I’m going! WooHoo! I think it will be fun and I think I have a good chance of knowing the answers. Plus, I like winning. It’s not fun if I don’t win, right Anyway, praying that maybe an opportunity will even arise to share the gospel! Nam is going, too. Between the two of us, I think we’ve got it covered!

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