Day 9 I can’t keep up!

  • Woke up in the middle of the night with both legs hurting me, so I feel good it’s not a blood clot! I don’t think it’s radiation related either since it’s both legs. I think it’s from lying on that dumb table! Time for yoga!
  • Today was quick. I think my radiation therapist Jason is a neat guy. He seems timid and unsure of conversation, but maybe that’s because I’m a patient…or maybe he’s not from Texas.
  • I was only in the waiting room for like 30 seconds, but long enough to ask the Lord to cover everybody in there with joy and healing.
  • I think today was a day for Justin to come get his blood washed in light for his leukemia, so I’m praying for him, too. He’s the son of the dad who I met on the second day I was there.
  • Hospital valet workers are awesome – I watch these guys every day run around in the cold AND be kind and compassionate. I think I am going to bake them cookies and write them a card telling them so.
  • Heard of a friend who had some misinformation medically today – not from a doctor, just from somebody in passing. I’m so thankful that God has put correct medical info and awesome providers in my life and that He gave me a mom who taught me in the womb how to navigate the culture of the U.S. Medical System. And, I’m so glad God has allowed me to go through the serious medical things I’ve gone through so that I can be a trustworthy source for other friends.
  • I thought a lot about Giuliana Rancic today, too. I love her so much. I feel as though she’s been my pal the past few years with IVF and now really with tumor and radiation stuff. Again, I feel akin to her in her decision to have the double mastectomy. They are calling this “radical” surgery for her, just like they did for me to go to Chicago and get my TAC for future babies. It’s not “radical” to be your own advocate and take your health care decisions into your own hands after research and consultation. It’s not radical to do interventions that preserve life or quality of life. I am praying a lot for the Rancics and I think I am finally going to write her a letter.
  • Oh, yeah – my eye hurts a lot today when I look to the left or up. Weird. Wonder if my optic nerve is swelling from the radiation afterall Will check with oncologist next week, but I think I have to go back to neuro guy sooner than I thought. AND, my eyes are super dry just like neuro told me they would be. It hurts! Artificial Tears, here I come!

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