Thursday seems to come so fast, I can hardly keep up! But, my on-the-ball Quad mama, at Four to Adore keeps me on my toes!
Here’s this week in bullets:

  • First, I forgot to add that last week we donated Mommy’s wedding dress to NICU Helping Hands. They are going to use it to make angel gowns for little babies that passed away – like our precious Isaac and Samuel. We spent time praying over the dress for the families whose tears would soak it. Mama cried, too. She still misses our brothers so much! But, she couldn’t think of a better thing to do with her dress!Wedding Pic Mom and Me
  • Saturday we visited Ba Noi. She loves us so much!Ba Noi and Esther2 Ba Noi and Esther1 Green Stripes
  • Sunday Funday – we had church and spent the whole time NOT in the sanctuary. But we saw lots of hallways and backrooms. But we looked cute doing it!Esther Geranium1 Esther Geranium 2Charlotte Geranium 1 Charlotte Geranium 2
  • After church we went swimming at Pastor Steve and Mrs. Jan’s house. We LOVED the pool and Daddy didn’t make us put our heads under water!Esther Swims3 Esther Swims2 Esther Swims1 Daddy Swims1 Charlotte Swims3 Charlotte Swims2 Charlotte Swims1
  • Daddy started tennis practice this week. That means when he comes home, Mama says, “Sweetie, you smell like a hard-working man!” We think he just stinks!
  • When Mama got her stitches out, that meant we had to go to tennis practice, too!
  • This week was the hottest day of the summer, so for the first time ever in our lives, we didn’t wear footie pajamas to sleep! Our little legs were naked! Eek!
  • Great Gram came to visit this week. She was great fun getting on the floor playing with us even though she’s 81! GreatGram and Charlotte
  • Esther joined Facebook.Facebook Esther
  • Esther ALSO took a bigger girl bath – sitting up! She has such poise is what her Aunt Lynnie says! Yes, she does!Esther Big Bath
  • Charlotte plays with her rainbow blocks.Rainbow Blocks
  • We wake up happy every day!GoodMorning2 GoodMorning1
  • Then, we stay up late! We don’t know what the word ‘midnight’ means!midnight4 midnight1 midnight3 midnight2
  • Charlotte and Esther negotiate who will eat first. Sisters Dealing
  • They take turns each time and always wait patiently for sister to finish nursing! Nursing Twins1 Nursing Twins2
  • Charlotte waits for Daddy and Duck Dynasty to start! We can’t wait for the new season.Charlotte Study2 Charlotte Study1
  • And, a great big miracle and answer to prayer: Mama got her dream teaching job! (again!) Mama’s dreams change every few years, and God seems to keep right up with them. hehe (really, it’s that God changes Mama’s heart to suit His purposes for her)
  • In other news…two of our friends had miracle TAC babies. Little Belle joins the world in California, and Madison and Landry join the world right here in our hometown. We are so thankful to God for them and know their big brothers and sister are dancing with Jesus that these little ones made it here safely. This is exactly why this bumper sticker is on our nursery wall:A.F. Haney
  • Next week should bring more answered prayers since our nanny starts with us every day. Prayers for us to see God’s gripping hand in all of it!

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