I am a huge fan of being in charge of yourself and your family. ?This calls for competency, education, community, and preparedness. ?Spirituality, financial peace, home schooling, food procurement, hygiene, medical interventions, etc, are all parts of our lives where we have applied some form of self-sufficiency and freedom.

I recently reorganised my medicine cabinet as my ever-growing stockpile of homeopathic remedies demanded more space. ?Like any modern mama, I scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to group things and how to make it pretty. ?I was disappointed to find nothing! ?Great pretty pictures on herbal cabinets, but nothing was there for the modern mama who utilizes a variety of modalities. So…here’s this holistic mama’s medicine cabinet.

My family primarily utilizes homeopathy for just about all of our needs, but I’ve kept other modalities that were helpful in the past, as well as good diagnostic tools. ?One thing we are completely void of in our home is drugs. ?We simply don’t have them. ?I am not willing to use them, so I’ve learned other ways – gentle ways! – of treating and supporting my family.

Let’s go through each picture and I’ll list out what I’ve got.

Topical and Inhaling Herbs
Herbs1The inhaling herbs are Chinese herbs and the label is always in Vietnamese. ?I have no idea what the herbs in it are, and I save the label so I can always go buy more. ?They are amazing for?boiling and then breathing in under a blanketed tent for as long as one can stand the sweat. ?I swear it makes feverish respiratory illnesses disappear in ten minutes. I learned about these from my sweet mother-in-law.

The topical herbs I use to make skin salves. ?I try to always have an infusion going. ?The herbs pictured are plantain, comfrey, and calendula. ?Not pictured in the back is activated charcoal (which we all know is used topically but also for food poisoning.)


Marshmallow root tea and corn silk tea tucked behind there – these are great topical analgesics to use for cystitis or UTI while waiting for homeopathy to uproot.




Mother tinctures, liquid combo homeopathic remedies that don’t seem to fit anywhere else, and various liquid homeopathic remedies fill a basket – and I’ll soon need another basket! You’ll notice a running inventory of what’s in there – it’s easier for me to grab that and make sure I have something than to go through each bottle and read the labels (although these are in alphabetical order and organized by type).


THESE individual homeopathic remedies are the most frequently grabbed medicines in our home. The containers are plastic with a solid closure and hold 25 2-dram size containers. I formerly purchased the storage containers from the pharmacy, but then I found the exact same ones (albeit in blue) on Amazon – they’re 12 gauge shotgun shell holders!


My bottom shelf boasts several homeopathic kits. Some were purchased and some I put together myself.You see a top 100 30c kit and a top 50 200c kit – those are excellent ways to get your own homeopathic collection started.


In the basket, I have single homeopathy remedies that are larger than 2 dram including my larger quantities of cell salts.


I also have this homepathic dog care poster to grab quickly (there wouldn’t be a difference for homeopathic care in people!):

Homeopathy Chart

Summer Grabs (Bug spray and sunblock) ?Summer Grabs

OHM homeopathic sting relief and insect repellent
Mozi-Q (oral homeopathic bug repellent)
Homemade bug spray
Badger bug spray
Buzz ?Away Extreme
Badger sunblock (we only utilize sunblock if at the beach for hours – otherwise, eat a lot of fat. ?A sunburn signifies vitamin deficiency!)

In another cabinet, organisation by function reigns. Perhaps not the prettiest display, but it’s an easy access and grab.



SP Betafood (Powdered Beets) for gallbladder help (one of my kiddos seems to be sluggish with fats on occasion, and this stuff helps greatly!)
L-lysine for cold sores
Desiccated Liver for goodness
Pure Radiance C for times of illness (all food!)
Digestive Enzymes in the back mostly for visitors. ?We would use nux vomica, pulsatilla, or lycopodium/arsenicum for tummy troubles.
Magnesium Malate – not sure why I kept this as mag phos 6x would be my go to for low magnesium, but I kept it. ?Maybe for a sleepless night ?No, I’d use coffea crudea. ?Mmm…
Natural Calm (magnesium citrate) – seemed like something I should keep, but honestly it’s a poor form of magnesium as it can’t penetrate cells. ?It just cleans the bowels. ?And if we have tummy troubles, homeopathy is for us. ?Maybe I should ?ditch this one, too.
Calcium Lactate is hiding back there for times of fever.
Turmeric supplements – ApexEnergetics TurmeroActive and Metagenics Inflavanoid Intensive Care – great for pain from inflammation
Maca – Not sure why I kept this one, but there it is. ?Hormone help for mamas sometimes, though we know Sepia and Ignatia homeopathic remedies are superior.
Licorice – Digestive help if needed, but still, homeopathy would work better and cheaper.
Juice Plus front and center – we love Juice Plus because it’s gifted ?to us each month and it’s a source of super nutrients in whole food form.


Hopefully you can follow along in this picture – I’ll try to group them somehow.
Ace Wraps
Sterile Tongue Depressors
Rapid Strep Tests
Urine Analysis Strips
Neti Pot (Stainless Steel)
Rice Bag
Heating Pad
Hot Water or Ice Bottles
Blood Pressure Cuff
Ovulating Thermometer because it is consistently the most accurate (I HATE the scanning ones! I also have another thermometer I reserve for rectal readings) – I find I rarely take temperatures anymore, though
Eye Light
Breathing ball thingy from the hospital for post surgeries – no idea what it’s called but it really helps for after TAC placement and csections.
Various syringes and medicine droppers
Emesis bowl in case we need to travel with a puking kid (hasn’t happened yet)
I also have a stethoscope currently being used by two doctors to address stuffed animal illness.

Clearing Stuff

Colloidal Silver (we haven’t used this at all since ?I learned about terrain theory as opposed to germ theory!)
Colloidal Silver in a spray bottle
Colloidal Silver in a dropper bottle
Homeopathic Yeast infection suppositories (could just use oral homeopathy)
Grape Seed Extract (I used this once in a futile attempt to combat a yeasty diaper rash. ?At the end of that 2 month battle, homeopathy uprooted the rash overnight.)
Bentonite Clay – good as a past for pesky bug bites (though we mostly just give a dose of Ledum) and an awesome facial mask and arm pit detox agent
Olive Leaf Extract (another natural antibiotic, but now never used)
LARGE grain Himalayan salt for ear help (not sure why it’s not in the ear container)
Sun Chlorella Tablets – great for clearing stuff out of the body (makes poop green!)

Free Floating Stuff:
Quick Grabs

Hydrogen Peroxide at my husband’s request (I use calendula spray for wounds and mullein oil for ear cleaning)
Magnetic Pellets for accupressure
Black Drawing Salve for embedded stuffs like splinters (no tweezer digging over here!)
Beautiful Herbal Healing Balm from herbs and essential oils
Calendula Herbal Salve


Hyland’s Tiny Cold Tablets
Oscillicoccinum/Cold Calm
Hyland’s Cough Syrup
Kids Relief Cough Syrup
Clear EPS 7630 Cough Syrup
Hyland’s Hayfever tablets
Kids Allergy Relief (Texas Trees)
Hyland’s Complete ?Allergy Relief
D-Hist Jr.
Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup
Briar Rose
Dr. King’s Flu Relief
Dr. King’s Lung & Bronchial Relief
Dr. King’s Cough Relief
Saline Drops

Almost all of the above are homeopathic combo remedies. ?Respiratory stuff is really hard for me to nail with a single homeopathic remedy, so I like having the various combo remedies on hand.

Somewhere I still have some nasal aspirators, too. ?They didn’t make it in the picture. ?And, ?I know, you like the Nose Frieda. ?I’m the only one who doesn’t. ?I like the blue bulbs. (Update with baby #3: I like the Nose Frieda! Ha!)

Dermatology, Muscle

Heat Wraps
Methol/Camphor Rubs
Arnica, Arnica, Arnica, Arnica Gels (sale!)
Hives tablets (hubby would look in this container for them, so here they are)
Homeopathic Skin Healing Cream
Homeopathic Skin Growth Gel
Calendula, calendula, and more calendula ointment (the replacement for neosporin!)
Calendula tincture
Mixture of 1:1 bentonite clay and arrowroot powder – nice barrier protection for rashy bums (as opposed to corn starch)
The same herbal skin healing balm and calendula salve pictured above
Not pictured: I also have a topical homeopathic combo remedy for fungus, but I’ve found that nailing the oral homeopathic remedy is pretty easy, too.

Ear, Teeth, Throat, Eye
Ear, Teeth, Throat, Eye

L-Lysine chapstick (a hubby mispurchase instead of l-lysine tablets)
Chamomillia (combo Boiron remedy for teething)
Hyland’s Teething Tablets
Throat Coat Tea
Mediherb Herbal Throat Spray
Slippery Elm Lozenges
Roxalia (homeopathic throat remedy)
Various Homeopathic Earache drops/tablets
Garlic mullein oil
Homeopathic stye drops
Muslin bag with the large grain Himalayan salt – heat it up, add lavender eo drops, hold to ear. ?It sucks out the pain! ?Reheat as needed.

Pain and Digestion
Pain, Digestion

Homeopathic combo remedy for morning sickness (Tobaccum 200 works great instead!)
Homeopathic Hemorrhoid relief
Homeopathic Menstrual cramp relief
Herbal After Pain relief (cramp bark)
Calmplex2000 (homeopathic calming agent)
Calme Forte (homeopathic sleep agent)
Rescue Remedy
Ginger Candies
Homeopathic motion sickness relief
Homeopathic jet lag relief
D-Mannose (This ought to be in cleansing/clearing, but for some reason I always think ?of it in digestion, so it stays there)

Next in the cabinet, you see the cold and heat tools, thermometers, nitrile gloves, and bandages.

The basket holds an electric heating pad (rarely used), a cloth rice bag for heating up, and a hot water/ice holder.


A Third Cabinet holds essential oils, empty 2 dram vials and 1 oz dropper/spray bottles, vodka and distilled water for making homeopathic dilutions, essential oil diffusers, an air purifier, beeswax, and soap and lotion making supplies. (My supply of Norwex cleaning cloths are in the pretty basket)

Essential Oils

I organize them by alphabet, but also by frequent usage. A lot of them are one brand, but I don’t care about brand. ?I care that the oils are organic and wild-crafted. (The sideways box houses supplies: labels, empty bottles, etc)

We rarely use essential oils for illness since I’ve learned homeopathy. But, we do use them for diffusing scent and adding fragrance to homemade products. And I certainly don’t mind using them for illness if they compliment what homeopathic remedies I’m using.
I also have a proper dilution chart on the inside of my cabinet.




Not pictured in this small space of my laundry room:
Fish oil (it’s in the fridge) – used in the winter and in pregnancy
Fat, Fat, more Fat: Every natural mama knows ?the importance of this nutrient powerhouse. ?Ours are in the kitchen, but often are used on the skin as a salve.
All around good nutrition!
Lots of nutrient dense herbs and salts are kept in my kitchen where I make our own greens mix for daily smoothies:


Perhaps you noticed mostly pictured are homeopathic remedies. I really encourage all you mamas to learn homeopathy!

And in all things, teach your children. This drawer has been available since my children were four years old. They know exactly for what and how to use each medicine here. Having access to homeopathic medicines is a safe way to help children gain independence and confidence to be in charge of their own bodies.


Some essential reading (I’m keeping this short, but there are tons of materials I could recommend!)

How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor
Beyond Flat Earth Medicine
Joette Calabrese?(listen to her free podcasts, too! I particularly like Moms with Moxie Podcast #50 hehe)
Dr. Palevsky
Dissolving Illusions

This post is not meant to educate you on how to use all the above medicines. ?But I hope it inspires you to learn and grow and know that it IS possible to be self-sufficient and live drug-free!

We are not Captain Fantastic yet, but maybe one day…

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