…was completely normal. My MFM (under his complete care – no OB this time) saw me every 2 weeks and did a scan every single time. This was because I had twins; not for any other reason. I did have a few transvaginal ultrasounds to measure cervical length. A couple of those scans showed that I was dilating below my TAC. (Keyword: BELOW). I was able to simply say, “Good thing I have my TAC,” and jump off the table and go on about my day – no worries of rupture, bulging membranes, funneling, etc. Dr. Haney actually told me he didn’t think I was really dilated at all below my TAC, but that it was just poor sonography. I don’t know which it was, but either way, I say, “Thank you, TAC!”

I delivered at 33 weeks 6 days via emergency c-section. Obviously, I knew I’d be having a c-section, just not so soon. I went into L&D with contractions and since they were “impressive” and my cervix yields no useful information, doctor felt it best to go ahead and deliver. Never even had a cervical check prior to delivery that day because, thank goodness, he knew how to handle a TAC pregnancy! (although there was, of course, the obligatory initial terse argument from the nurse about my refusal of a cervical check)

And, good thing I delivered then because one of my twins was weightier and we think probably stealing all the groceries. It was time for them to come! And, they are doing just super!

I’ll write a more personal account of my birth story at a future time.

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