Following last week’s blog post about helping my friend shift her paradigm, I’m sharing the parameters I have for her food consumption.

ULTIMATELY, my friend will land at AIP or Whole 30 or whatever personalized diet is best for her body.

This is designed to get her off a diet of hurting foods to healing foods. Some specific tweaks that will need to happen over time include greater variety, less substitute type foods, eliminating nightshades, seeds, eggs, etc. Ideally, keeping food preparation simple by just flavoring and cooking a real food is best. But that is probably not going to be helpful for somebody accustomed to pizza and cheeseburgers and tator tot casserole.

My goal for my friend is to stay in her food lane with specific parameters. And just like a bowling lane, various spots on the lane lead to better results. And there are gutters. While I don?t want my friend to visit the gutters, at least I can offer some gutter foods that will keep her in the lane instead of jumping into somebody else?s lane or leaving the bowling alley altogether! Over time, her planning and preparation skills will grow AND her body will heal enough that she will move past spending time in the gutter. Plus, budgetary constraints mean that making specific sweets or always buying the acceptable potato chips will just not happen long-term.

Another very important point for my friend specifically is that she?s a mom with teenagers and elementary children. They have well-formed habits and palates. I want to be incredibly sensitive to how difficult it is to change not only her own lifestyle, but also the lifestyle of her children and husband.


No Grains:?rice and oats for kids

No Dairy

No Legumes (peanuts, green beans, peas, etc)

No Nuts

No Soy

All Meats

All Fish

All Vegetables except cooking white/red potatoes (sweet potatoes are good);?I allow Boulder coconut oil or avocado oil?potato chips as a gutter food

All Fruit except bananas, pineapple, mango

All mushrooms

All Herbs

All Spices


Eggs:?Pasture raised and gmo and abx free, prefer consuming yolks only

Sweeteners:?Only maple syrup and honey (Commercial kombucha and kevita okay)

Over time, we will re-evaluate these food parameters and modify based on symptoms, abilities, and budget. We may be able to become more lax in some areas or we may need to restrict further.

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